Symmetries of the Fall

Symmetries of the Fall

Life is mystery.

My death
Is on the horizon
Like a smile.

Who can decode rain?

There is no return
Postage on

I wandered in circuits
Of dust
For years
Before a scarecrow
In the Midwest
Beckoned me
With a red flag.

I embraced it
Under the evening
And the yellow light.

And lo,
The “it”
Of the scarecrow
Became you
In my arms,
The way
A circle
Of feathers
A cardinal
In my dreams.

You placed a geranium
In my hand,
And I forgot
My emptiness,
My history.

We drifted into
A stand of elms,
Dark and quiet,
My questions
Took the form
Of songs
And the patience
In your eyes
Was the only

10 June 2023

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